Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Media is not an extension to mainstream marketing

Should marketers start Social Media activities in the Middle East? Does every brand require SOCIAL Media? What platform is suitable and how do we select?
Trust me, every single marketing and communication professional is ready to spend hours to learn the answers of the above questions. I recently received a request from a client to send them a SOCIAL MEIDA STRATEGY. I’ve never met them, studied their brand, learned about their goals, or even listened to their current buzz.
Yesssss, Social Media is not as easy as you think. It is easy if you are aware of the nature of this platform, the users, the objective of every platform, applications you can utilize, you SM communication goals, how you’ll measure them and what will you say. Then it is easy.
Just like any communication campaign, you need to be fully prepared to set up the campaign and address its results. It goes beyond airing a TVC and expecting customers to buy in, come to your showroom and buy the car. As a marketer, you almost owned all phases of this process. With Social Media, you will design a message and throw it in a turbulent, wavy ocean, you can only hope that you have done the right job so that your message reaches the shore safely and unharmed. The ownership goes to the users who will only chose your message because it gave them what they’re looking for and offered them ownership.
The client thought of Social Media as an extension to mainstream marketing. NOOOO, trust me, if you appear in any commercial outfit, they are not going to like it or you.
With Social Media, you need to GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE and then take.

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