Thursday, April 21, 2011

Masters of Social Media

Why are there users trying to act as the MASTERS of Social Media? Isn't social media the space that people can express and experience without the limitations, rules and regulations of the real world? There's a conference/forum or workshop about Social Media almost every week. Not across the world, but the region! Every function of those has different heroes. God knows who these people are or what are their backgrounds  or why the helll they've been selected to speak to hungry for knowledge crowd.

Is their a criteria that event organizers consider before inviting someone to ENRICH me with advises on how, why, when or what social media is all about. I know all about stats and fan base, unique and other visits... bla bla bla, but I also know that all this can be fabricated or not relevant. So if I blog and 500 users visit, like, comment and tweet it then I become a MASTER?What about education, intellectuality, cultular background.... So, I need to create a blog to become a speaker and address 100s of crowds, meet the media, talk to TVs...In our near past, the heroes where soldiers, then business men, then superman and rambo, then BLOGGERS? WTF.

Personnally, I hope my twins' heroes are not Bloggers, I still beleive real heroes who have real presence and influence make us better people. Don't get me wrong, bloggers do help us lead better lives, but heroes should have more to them then IT and Cyber super powers and skills.

Don't you think we need to be more alert? I mean, doesn't this remind you with the high reproduction rate of content less publications that Dubai witnessed when Dubai Media City was first launched. Magazines with aggregated content with one objective, bring advertising profit and screw content. After all these years, the same players are organizing events now, with ANY MASTERS so they can make money out of sponsors who want to be "cool" and "IN" and social media enthusiasts who all of sudden they are not the isolated geeks any more, but the "people who can do a change".

Social Media doesn't have masters and shouldn't. Every user is his/her own master. Need is the mother of invention. Trust me, you will use what you NEED on social media. Forget about the trends/apps/bla bla bla, if no need, no use.


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