Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Hameed Says about the Social Media Carnival

What is the first question before entering the social media world..What have I got?
Hameed Says:

After reading, trying and testing few social media case studies, modules and platforms, I’ve realized that the foundation of any social media campaign is a blog. I've already set up two blogs since 2007, but the objective behind them, is self expression, while 'Hameed Says' is all about you. Everyone is talking about social media these days, few are learning how it efficiently works and many are still not aware of its benefits and dangers. This blog will transfer personal experience to those out there who want to know about the twitters and facebooks beyond the " I'm doin it cause everyone else is".

For sure, I am not the most experienced, but I am very passionate about effective communication. In the past, it was the paper, theater, followed by the tube (TV), internet, mobiles... reaching social media. All are communication channels that reach audiences you might want to reach, but, none of the channels, create the message, it is you who does that and will keep doing it until we all vanish. Therefore, if you want to know whether you should tweet, facebook, blog or digg, ask yourself an important question:

If I create an account on any of these SM platforms, do I have what others are looking for?

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