Friday, April 8, 2011


By Blogger Hameed April 9, 2011:Been in qatar last week on a business trip and since Social Media is the current carnival that people around us are either visiting or organizing, the topic came up in almost every meeting I attended.  Many say the same thing "it's the new thing", "it's the new fever, trend, hot topic....", "it's a bubble that will burst"... Many views and all are correct. What really took my attention is a comment from a senior executive who described SOCIAL MEDIA as an anti social platform that takes away many skills from us particularly human interaction. He/She insisted that SM is geared to big cities and those living in them. When asked how technically savvy he is on SM, he replied “I don't have time for SM ", I'd rather spend the time meeting actual people...

The main challenge here is not the time in my opinion, but the fact that we are all destined to have some presence on SM and create our own brandividual. As Lee Oden from Top Rank puts it 'Whether they believe in it or not, the outcome of becoming known and talked about by others is a personal brand".

Q:Another meeting and another encounter " do you think my LI is good?",
A: well it is as long as this is all you need/want to convey. a LI account is not a resume, being on LI doesn't necessarily mean that you're looking for a job, it can say the total opposite. LI talks about you, your network and employer/s, you select the champion of this triband and give it a role to inform, engage or convince.

Going back to the time factor, my take on that is: As soon as you decide on the social media platform to transmit your message , activate the required accounts, become familiar with the features and navigation, then, it's  amtter of keeping an active status requiring some "active thinking" and not only time. Become loyal to the subject you want to contribute to and ideas will flow. Sharing them via the blogosphere or SM, takes the least time.

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