Saturday, July 16, 2011

What type of content for corporate Social Media?

Dubai July, 2011:If you’re hoping that you’re content will make it on social media, then you should have already considered the basic essentials that can make such content ‘ social media friendly’ content. Corporates in Dubai and the Middle East in general are still not getting it, ‘social media content’ is not your tvc posted on youtube, and it’s not your press ad posted on facebook….It’s simply media created by the people. What is your role as a company who is seeking publicity via that content? You prepare the environment for the people to produce such content.
Before I share with you an amazing video that shows a great advancement of how agencies are thinking about social media in Dubai now, I need to list the basics of social media content:
1.      Entertaining: Social media is about entertainment, entertainment and then entertainment. Don’t outsmart the system, its never gonna be a unipole or a newspaper for your press ad.
2.      Problem solving: simply introduce a solution to a common problem.
3.      Casual: Not Hollywood level production, good enough but not sophisticated. I should feel light and easy to forward.
4.      Short: Don’t abuse social media free space. The consumer is not willing to spend with you more than seconds or minutes even though you’re entertaining and enriching. This is the new consumer, smart and exposed. So make your point fast and easy.
5.      Telling: don’t sell on social media. Just inform the people of what you do. Imagine that you’re attending some dinner party and you meet this person and the first thing you talk about is “how can I make money by selling you what I have”….
Now that this is said, check the link and comment, irrelevant if this is an original idea or not, it’s just a good environment that features real people composing a social media corporate content…


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