Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get 1000 visitors to your blog in 30 hours only

Dubai, June 2011: A couple of days ago, as I was checking the stats of my blog, I realized that I have 15 posts so far that attracted more than 1100 visits 8 weeks time (when I launched the blog). I thought this is isn’t a bad number, taking into consideration many factors that are geographic and demographic in addition to the one main fact which is the nature of the topic I am focusing in a B2B style and not addressed to the mass. I am sure that 1000’s of bloggers have attracted this number of visitors in the 1st hour or day, but what the heck; I am thrilled about this humble advancement. By the way, this is not the subject of the topic, what I wanted to share with you today is my personal experience on How I could attract the first 1000 visitors. A lot has been done, so I won’t share it all in one post obviously. For this particular post, I decided to talk about the TIME it took me to find the audience, listen to their needs, and identify clear tactical objectives, generate the right content, share it, and then bring the visitors.

You might think that doing all that requires lots of time and energy. Most my acquaintances, friends and colleagues (almost 99%) defend their inactiveness on social media with lack of time. This made me do a rough calculation to estimate how much time I spent to be able to attract the first 1k visitors and what was the percentage of that time spent over the full 8 weeks i.e:24X60=1440. It’s for sure that time spent will vary from one blogger to another and will mostly rely on the level of readiness, clarity of objectives and ability to develop good content in a timely way , but nevertheless, the time I spent is equivalent to only 2.2% of the total  1440 hrs (8 weeks). In an easier count a max of 46 minutes/day. So if this was a job, I would be working 46 minutes a day only and living a social and business active life that involves thousands of people and bring in reasonable cash.
After all, it seems the time needed to become active on social media (professionally) is trivial in comparison to time not well spent online or even offline.
More will come soon, hope you enjoyed and benefited from this one.


  1. Thanks for sharing Hameed. I am anxious to see how you did this.

  2. Very nice post. Hameed, social media is a good way to drive traffic to your blog, but writing for search engine optimization (SEO) will bring you volumes of traffic.

    I started seriously working on one of my blogs on March 7th, 2011. In 16 weeks, I've had over 70,000 page views. And I've been without a computer for the past 19 days. So, I took a big hit on my traffic numbers. But I'll build it back.

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    I'm going to bookmark your site. I like what you have to say.

    I also gave you the Google +1 - which I wrote about on my site.

    Nice work. I found you through a LinkedIN discussion. Following you there, too.