Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10+1 simple tactics to bring guests to your blog

Hameed Says:

Dubai, June 2011:Bringing traffic to your blog is not the easiest task you can do. I always thought of it as a shop in a market. What can I do to bring people into my shop? Do I work on the sign, decoration, window, hire smiling sales people, secure parking area… Aren’t all these tactics to bring in more shoppers? What makes that different from bringing in more guests to you blog? The parking maybe, but everything else still applies.

Back to the subject and about the simple tactics, yet, couple of things a blogger should remember before adapting these tactics:
1-      Does the intended blog address a popular subject/interest? To know that, simply register with Google alert and learn how popular the subject is from the alerts you will receive. Go through them and check the level of comments, number of active bloggers, variety of subjects…
2-      Have you prepared enough content to last you for a minimum of 6 months?
3-      Depending on the audience mindset you’re trying to reach, have you identified the best social media platform? To learn more about facebook and linked in go to “Why facebook and Linked In and why not" post http://bit.ly/j6LW1V
4-      The last preparation step and most important question, did you identify the first group of objectives you want to achieve?
Assuming the above is done, refer to the steps below to learn how you can attract your first visitors:
1-      Increase quality connections and friends on facebook and linked in to create your contacts baskets
2-      Interact with your contacts through likes and valid comments and gain visibility and respect
3-      Enter groups on linked in and facebook. Say hi as you enter and introduce yourself.
4-      Attend to your contacts as if they’re sitting in your own living rooms. Make them feel that they’re special. Turn them into advocates.
5-      Select a list of trusted friends and contacts and share with them your blog topic, design elements, blog name… offer ownership.
6-      Choose a subject that will attract the attention of your contacts who are familiar with your photo/s and name.
7-      Write your first post, and share it on linked in and/or facebook , twibe, twitter…
8-      Insert relevant images as they appear as thumbnails and get your contacts intrigued and curious.
9-      Make the posts short, casual and informative. Stay away from books language, remember that your contacts are aware of who you are and have set certain expectations.
10-  Look for groups that are interested to know more about the subject you’re addressing. Try enter these groups, interact with the members, especially the most active ones. Share your blog posts on all the groups you have subscribed to on linked in and facebook.
11-  Monitor the stats carefully and off you go.
For sure, these are general guidelines, for further details, I’ve decided to conduct a free workshop on the subject for the first 20 applicants. The first workshop will take place in Dubai whilst the second will be in London. See you soon.

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  1. Another good post. I'm not familiar with Google Alert. Where do you get that?

    I just found a gadget to use on my iGoogle home page that shows Google's trending topics. I also setup a toolbar on my browser from Alexa.com to see their Hot Topics.

    I make use of Twitter trending topics, too. I write about a broad range of subjects, so if something starts trending that fits a post of mine, I'll tweet it and program it in to Tweetdeck to post again every 3 to 4 hours. I love Tweetdeck... tweet while you sleep or do other business.

    Another +1