Monday, May 30, 2011

Is the BIG BOSS IN on Social Media?

May 30, 2011:Many challenges rise along the way when it comes to a well utilized social media and digital marketing in general. Here in the Middle East, the main challenge is “THE BOSS”. Most of the bosses who started the advertising and communication business in the region in the early 60’s are still running their empires and do have a say on how this industry should be controlled. Unfortunately, although we owe it to them to have reached this far in communication, but it seems that they have decided not to go any further than TV. They did accept internet lightly, but they would still prefer a TVC or a creative outdoor campaign over any digital ‘nonsense’.

That is my own opinion and I do blame them for not supporting the digital era enough until now as it will surely help and support NEWER ‘generations’ initiatives and will take BIG budgets to the online world. As a result, people will follow, as they always did follow gold rushes around the globe, and the digital world will become more valuable and influential over any brand health survey.
The main reason that made me raise this subject now is the slow pace of agencies integrating social media into their mainstream services. No proper endorsement by the BOSSES yet. Let’s not underestimate their influence and touch over the industry and how some of them became real icons of it in the Middle East and will continue to do so. Sometimes, I feel that it is our role to help them endorse new media and promote it to them as if they don’t have the rich communication background. That said, I am trying to learn more about the actual size of this state and I would really appreciate it if you can take 1 second of your time to answer the below question by clicking on the link.
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