Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 10 most repeated statements about Social Media I heard in the last 1 year

For those who were generous enough to follow my blog and read my posts, you will realize that most of my posts were inspired by people I meet. Well, the people are not exactly the source of the inspiration, it’s their statements. Just like anything new or in trend, it will become the talk of town until another trend hits. Before this happens, I thought of sharing with you the most repeated statements/descriptions I heard about Social Media in the last 1 year. To make the read more interesting, I segregated the statements to suit individual groups orbiting around social media in the Middle East.

1-PR Managers/Directors:  “ We want to get you on social media, let’s do your facebook and twitter”
2-CEO’s, Consultants: “I don’t have time to blog, but we need to be active on social media”
3- a 50+ Chief Communication Officer “Don’t you think social media is a trend and it will soon die out?”
4-Web developers: “ I can get you on social media in 2 minutes, what would you like to name your facebook account?”
5-Media planners: “Digital media is the new thing and you should definitely be there, but you need content developers”
6-Advertising professionals: “We do social media, but we need content developers, web experts and community managers”
7- Fresh bloggers: “I blog but no one comments on my posts!”
8-‘Traditional’ bosses: “I was careful and shut down all social media sites, don’t want my employees to waste time”
9- Online addicts; “if you’re not on social media, you’re not living”
10- Me: “ Social media is all about a wider and richer access to brand/life experiences, if you want to enter it, you need to have had an experience”

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